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AGS mentoring program:  http://www.americangeriatrics.org/health_care_professionals/trainees/find_a_mentor/

Health Literate Medication Reconciliation
The AHRQ-funded, Multi-Center Medication Reconciliation Quality Improvement Study (MARQUIS) has produced a set of medication reconciliation tools to reduce medication errors that frequently occur during care transitions. Thetoolkit includes:

  • The MARQUIS Implementation Manual: A Guide for Medication Reconciliation Quality Improvement
  • Training videos illustrating health literacy strategies for taking a medication history and providing discharge medication counseling:
  • A Return on Investment Calculator for medication reconciliation quality improvement investments

You can download the toolkit at: Health Literate Medication Reconciliation - MARQUIS

WVGS 12th Annual Scientific Assembly September 28, 2016 Presentations

Approach to Decision Making in Older Patients with Cancer
Home is Where the Health Is
Ethical Issues at the End of Life
Tips for End of Life Care
Elderly Depression and Suicide
Geriatric Oral Health
Statistics:  What do I need to Know?

WVGS 11th Annual Scientific Assembly September 17, 2015 Presentations

Ellis Improving Quality of Life
Holroyd Caregiver Stress
Lorenzo Pharmacotherapy
Mosqueda Elder Abuse
Rankin Substance Use
Weirich Adult Protective Services
Adult Protective Services Mandatory Reporting Form


WVGS 10th Annual Scientific Assembly September 17, 2014 Presentations

Session 1:  Goldberg Medicare Preventative and Wellness  Session 2: Robie-Acute-Care  and Dispennette Acute Care Session 3: FarleyTransition to Skilled Care and  Robie Post Acute Care Home  Session 4: Alvarez Wound Session 5: Powell End of Life


WVGS 9th Annual Scientific Assembly October 2, 2013 Presentations