Call for Posters Now Open!

“Tomorrow and Beyond: Optimizing Geriatric Quality of Life” 

The Call for Poster abstracts is now open for the 2019 WV Geriatric Society Annual Conference.

We are accepting Student/Resident Original Research or Case Study posters.

  • Submit your completed application and IRB approval (if applicable) at the website links listed below
  • Include a pdf file of your poster
  • The submission format is listed below
  • Submission Deadline, August 16th 5 pm ET

Guidelines to Complete Original Research Application Form

1. Title
2. Purpose/Hypothesis/Background: State objectives/hypothesis/purpose of this project.
3. Methods/Design: Retrospective, prospective, pre-post, randomization, blinding, etc.
a)  Outcome Measures: What are you measuring? e.g. change in blood pressure, length of stay, response rate, death rate
b)  Study Setting: Name of institution where the study took place; what clinic; in/outpatient setting?
c)  Participants: Inclusion/exclusion criteria; Number entering and finishing the study.
4. Results: State main findings with statistical procedures and statistical significance, if appropriate.
5. Conclusions: State conclusions and clinical applications if any.
6. Support: List source(s) of support in the form of grants, equipment, drugs, etc.
7. IRB: Attach proof of appropriate Institutional Review Board (IRB) approval from your home institution.

Submit Original Research Abstract – HERE 

Guidelines to Complete Case Study Application Form

1.  Title
2.  Background: State topic and why it is important.
3.  Description: Describe the essential elements needed to understand the case.
4.  Conclusion: Discuss evidence from one’s own observations and from pertinent literature that defends one’s conclusions. State how this information is useful clinically.
5. IRB: A case study that includes just one patient will not need IRB approval; however a Case Study Presentation submitted with more than one patient case requires attaching proof of appropriate IRB approval from your home institution.

Submit Case Study Abstract – HERE