Call for Posters – Deadline EXTENDED!

“Tomorrow and Beyond: Optimizing Geriatric Quality of Life” 

Due to the change of date for the 2019 Annual Summit to November 6th, we are extending the deadline for the Poster Abstracts to Friday, September 20th

We are accepting Student/Resident Original Research or Case Study posters.

  • Submit your completed application and IRB approval (if applicable) at the website links listed below
  • Include a pdf file of your poster
  • The submission format is listed below
  • Submission Deadline, Friday, September 20th 5pm ET

Guidelines to Complete Original Research Application Form

1. Title
2. Purpose/Hypothesis/Background: State objectives/hypothesis/purpose of this project.
3. Methods/Design: Retrospective, prospective, pre-post, randomization, blinding, etc.
a)  Outcome Measures: What are you measuring? e.g. change in blood pressure, length of stay, response rate, death rate
b)  Study Setting: Name of institution where the study took place; what clinic; in/outpatient setting?
c)  Participants: Inclusion/exclusion criteria; Number entering and finishing the study.
4. Results: State main findings with statistical procedures and statistical significance, if appropriate.
5. Conclusions: State conclusions and clinical applications if any.
6. Support: List source(s) of support in the form of grants, equipment, drugs, etc.
7. IRB: Attach proof of appropriate Institutional Review Board (IRB) approval from your home institution.

Submit Original Research Abstract – HERE 

Guidelines to Complete Case Study Application Form

1.  Title
2.  Background: State topic and why it is important.
3.  Description: Describe the essential elements needed to understand the case.
4.  Conclusion: Discuss evidence from one’s own observations and from pertinent literature that defends one’s conclusions. State how this information is useful clinically.
5. IRB: A case study that includes just one patient will not need IRB approval; however a Case Study Presentation submitted with more than one patient case requires attaching proof of appropriate IRB approval from your home institution.

Submit Case Study Abstract – HERE