About WVGS

What are the goals of WVGS?

  • Develop, support, and promote the interdisciplinary practice of geriatrics and support practitioners providing such care.
  • Increase the number of physicians and other practitioners’ knowledgeable about geriatrics and committed to the clinical care of the aged in West Virginia.
  • Engage in a public policy effort that will advocate for improved health care for older adults in West Virginia.
  • Promote effective, high-quality education that addresses the health care problems of older adults.
  • Foster and encourage active participation of its members, and serve the needs of the membership.
  • Foster and encourage patient outcome-oriented research and its dissemination, in order to encourage evidence-based practice wherever possible.

Who should join?

Membership is open to professionals interested in the health and wellbeing of older West Virginians. It is an opportunity to network with others who share an interest in the care of older persons and the education of those who provide that care.


WVGS Bylaws

To review the current WVGS Bylaws, please click on the link: wvgs-bylaws-revision-9-12_2